Thom Racine

Police Officer - Head Coach - Media Personality - Author - My Big Brother

Thom Racine was born in Cornwall, Ontario, but grew up in Ottawa. The son of former Ottawa Rough Rider great, Moe “The Toe” Racine, Thom grew up loving sports. He often returned to Cornwall where he would sit on his grandmother’s front porch, listening to her stories about Cornwall and her life growing up in Smithville under the smoke stacks of the Howard Smith Paper Mill. Thom returned to Cornwall for good when he was hired as a police officer. He completed thirty years of policing in August 2011.

Fun Fact:

Thom is one of the major reasons I became a goalie. In 1974 The Greely Eagles were in need of a goalie and I did not have a team yet. Thom heard of the news in the lobby of the Metcalfe Community Center and volunteered me as their new goalie. See Pic below!

Thom with the Metcalfe Jets

Bruce with the Greely Eagles

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